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Alif Arabic has been a dream of ours for over a decade to teach Arabic online with the best Arabic classes online. Comprised of a variety of highly qualified Arabic and Quran Tutors from Egypt, an Experienced Administration, and Dedicated Staff, Alif Arabic is quickly becoming one of the most established brands in Arabic tutoring services.

Our Mission


At Alif Arabic, we strive to provide the best online Arabic lessons with the best Arabic tutors online. With highly qualified Arabic teachers and staff, we work around the clock to provide the best Arabic courses for you. Since Arabic is such an important aspect of the Islamic religion, we also have highly qualified Quran tutors for Quranic studies.

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What Our Students Say


"My kids love Alif Arabic. Their teachers are great and it was so easy to sign up and start classes."


"I started learning Quran with Alif and in just a month I've improved my tajweed and memorized some surahs."


“Alif Arabic has been such a blessing for our children. They're learning Arabic and reciting Quran easily and progressing really help mashAllah."