Teaching your kid Arabic is important to prepare them to read Arabic Quran, however, it may seem hard and boring for little kids, but with the help of Arabic alphabet coloring pages, they will enjoy coloring the letters as they learn and memorize the different alphabet.          


Arabic Alphabet coloring pages are fun and educational, your kids will learn a new language without even knowing. Kids will learn through coloring Alphabet Letters, Animals, Shapes, Fruits, Vegetables, Vehicles, and more.


Benefits of Arabic Alphabet Coloring Pages.

Seeking to buy coloring books but don’t know if they are important for your kids or not? We are here to tell go ahead and buy a bunch of Coloring Pages and books for their many benefits. Here are some of the many benefits of coloring books:

1. Learn and recognize colors.

When your children color the various shapes and animals, they come to learn the different colors, play with them, mix them, and see how every color gives a different appearance. Playing and exercising with Arabic alphabet coloring pages will help them recognize the different letters in addition to colors.


2. Arabic Alphabet Coloring Pages Enhances the child’s hand strength.

Coloring pages work on enhancing the kids’ hand strength, as they grab a color and start coloring. At first, they will Doodle outside the shapes but as their motor skills get better, they will color only inside the shapes. Toddlers and preschoolers need to work on and practice their hand strength and coloring books help them with that.

Arabic Alphabet Coloring Pages for Kids is an essential tool to teach them how to hold a pencil and use their hand Muscles to color, which in turn strengthens their hand muscles.


3. Practice holding a pen.

For your kids to learn how to hold a pen they need practice, and Arabic Alphabet Coloring Pages is the best choice as it helps them practice holding and coloring with a pen which strengthens their hand muscles. At first, holding a pen will be hard for them, then they will hold it but not quite right until they excel in it. 


4. Improves creativity.

Letting your children use the colors they want and doodle as they like will enhance their creative thinking skills. Arabic alphabet coloring pages for kids are filled with animal pictures, letter shapes, vegetables, and more, as they color they learn to be creative and use the mix of colors they want, in addition to processing the different shapes and colors.   

5. Arabic Alphabet Coloring Pages Enhances the kids’ hand and eye coordination.

When the child holds the pen and starts coloring, he will color outside the shape, because his hand and eye coordination still need enhancement. But as kids color more pages, they will learn to get it right which enhances hand and eye coordination.


6. Develops self-confidence.

When kids color, they are the ones in charge, there is no one to tell them which colors to use, or how to color. This will teach them that they are free to express themselves and not to depend on anyone else. They will feel in control and start doodling with beautiful colors and shapes.

Coloring pages give the child the opportunity to express themselves and their feelings, either consciously or subconsciously. And drawing teaches them to express themselves by drawing what they feel even if they can’t describe it with words.


7. Encourages fine motor coordination.

Children are still working on their fine motor skills, they learn how to write, color, draw, move from one page to another, flip pages, and use and hold pens. All these activities may seem overrated to you as an adult, but to kids, it’s something they need to learn and practice every day.  

Arabic Alphabet Coloring Pages for kids does all the hard work, it teaches them how to hold a pen, how to draw inside the shapes, write the letters, and more. You can easily print one of the free printable Arabic alphabet coloring pages, and give it to your child to start their learning journey.


8. Sense of pride and achievement.

 When the child gets to do and finish something on their own without any help they feel proud, and builds their self-confidence.

9. Enhance their concentration.

Children have low attention spans and find it hard to concentrate on one thing for a long time. But coloring pages teach them to focus on what is in their hands to choose the right colors and stay inside the lines.


The Best Arabic Alphabet Coloring Pages for Kids.

As we learned above, coloring pages and books have many benefits for the child’s development, so here are some of the best coloring books:

  • I Love Arabic – Arabic Alphabet and Writing

Arabic Alphabet and Writing are made by Mateen Ahmad and Mohammad Imran Erfani. It is the second book in the I Love Arabic series, which introduces young learners to identifying Arabic letters and writing them. This colorful book presents each letter with a charming illustration, which the young learner has to color and then practice writing the letter. Arabic Alphabet and Writing is a beginner Arabic alphabet coloring pages for young learners who want to master Arabic writing.

The Arabic Alphabet book develops these skills:

  • Identifying letters
  • Sequencing letters
  • Writing letters.


  • My Arabic Coloring Book: Arabic Alphabet Coloring Book for Kids with Cute Animals.

The book is by Isaac Design. It’s a colorful book that catches the child’s eyes. The book presents the Arabic letters in a simple and large form for the child to color with cute animals starting with each letter.


  • Arabic Alphabet for Kids coloring book Arabic alphabet and animals.

The book is made by Lina V. Potter, to teach young kids the various Arabic alphabet while having fun coloring simple and large letters with animal pictures associated with each letter.


  • ARABIC Alphabet Coloring Book.

The book is made by Arabic Alphabet Coloring Book. It’s a fun and colorful Arabic alphabet coloring pages to keep your child engaged and interested while learning the various letters.


  • Arabic Alphabet Coloring Book For Kids.

The book is made by Arabic Alphabet Coloring Book. It’s a fun and colorful Arabic alphabet coloring pages to keep your child engaged and interested while learning the various letters.


  • My Arabic letters coloring book

The book is made by Ilham Books. In these beautiful Arabic alphabet coloring pages for kids, your kid will learn the letters and have fun coloring the various forms of each letter, whether in the beginning, middle, or end of a word. Your kid gets to practice writing the letters and learn their various forms.


  • Arabic alphabet for kids’ coloring book.

The book is made by Reading Heroes. It’s an amazing Arabic alphabet coloring page for kids to teach them the various letters in a fun way. Your kid will learn the name and shape of each letter with an animal picture that starts with each letter.

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