Arabic is one of the richest, most interesting, and most important languages to learn for kids and adults, both alike. Since most of us don’t like studying then why not learn and have fun at the same time?

In this article, we will mention the best Arabic Vocabulary Games that you could use to make learning fun, so, buckle up and let’s get started.

How can I learn Arabic using games?

Learning Arabic through games is fun and engaging, there are many games that you could play like matching, puzzles, flashcards, memory blocks, and more. You have two choices, whether you buy the game you like and play it with your friends, or you make the game yourself. If you love drawing and your witting is beautiful then you can use that for your benefit.

Grab some paper cut into medium pieces, and write the Arabic letters on them, a word that starts with the letter like Alif,  ارنب (rabbit), do this with all the letters and draw a picture to illustrate the word and make it easier to memorize. Also, use different colors so that it looks more alive.

Another way to do so is instead of writing the Alphabet, write some of the most common words and draw a picture to illustrate each word. Simply type in “the most common Arabic words” in Google and you will find many words to choose from.

Top Engaging Arabic Vocabulary Games.

When you teach or learn Arabic through Games you have to choose suitable games for the child’s age and interests. As some games may be hard will others will be fun. Arabic Vocabulary Games are made to make learning easy and fun. Therefore, Games are used in top Arabic courses and classes to ease learning and engage learners. 

There is a punch of games that you could play or use, one of the best places to buy the Arabic vocabulary games is the Madinah Media store, where you will find all the books and games you need.

Here are the best Games to learn Arabic:

1. Arabic Alphabets Blocks:

This basic Arabic vocabulary game consists of wooden cubes of various colors to visualize learning and make it easier to remember. Each cube has an Arabic letter on it, and the cubes are of different shapes and forms.

There are many Arabic Alphabets Blocks games, some of which has all the shapes of the letter written on the faces of the cube. In short, the one cube has the different shapes of the letter and you can combine the cubes to form a word. While in other games the cubes contain words, letters, numbers, and shapes.

For instance, the Arabic Alphabet Blocks At The Zoo game consists of 136 pieces of which are 28 colorful Arabic alphabet cubes; 10 Arabic number blocks; 56 wooden pieces of different shapes and colors; 6 different animal-shaped pieces, and 36-piece jumbo paper puzzles of the animal kingdom with animal name cubes in Arabic.

2. Arabic Vocabulary Flash Cards Game.

With Arabic alphabet flashcards, learning Arabic Vocabulary and the alphabet will be fun. You could ask your child to match the letter with its name, match the letter with an animal name that starts with it, or even play a word game. You could ask them to try and make up a word out of the letters they have.

For instance, My First 50 Arabic Words consist of 50 large flashcards each Flash card contains a common Arabic word. This will help you or your child to learn the basic Arabic vocabulary easily. Also, the flash card has a word written on it on one side and a picture on the other side.

The words on the cards are written in English, Arabic, and transliteration to help you pronounce the word correctly. And the pictures will make it easier for you to recognize and memorize the new words.

3. Arabic Memory Game.

Arabic Vocabulary memory games are fun and easy, they help you refresh your memory and recall the words faster. What is more fun about this game is that you could play it with your friends. The game will help you memorize the Arabic alphabet, and words with the aid of colorful pictures. This leads to developing your concentration, matching, object, and alphabet recognition skills.

4. Arabic Matching Game.

One of the best Arabic basic vocabulary games is Matching games, it is fun and you can play it with your friends. The game helps you learn the Arabic alphabet and recognize its different shapes. You can use the tiles to make words, match the letters, and more. The tiles are of different colors which makes it even better. Plus, it helps you develop your concentration, matching, and recognition skills, so it is a win-win for you.

5. Arabic Vocabulary Board Game.

Arabic Vocabulary Board Game is a great game to play with your friends and family to help you develop your Arabic while having fun.

Is learning Arabic Vocabulary through Games effective?

Yes, learning Arabic Vocabulary Games are effective and fun. Why? Simply because it is fun to learn through games, instead of feeling bored and frustrated because the new words are hard your mind will be prepared to learn and memorize faster.

Also, Arabic games are great for kids to encourage them and keep them engaged, which will make it easier for you to teach them.

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