To start teaching your kids Arabic, the first thing to do is to build their Letter Recognition skills, that’s the first step in learning how to read and write.

Before kids start spelling words and blending letters they first need to learn and recognize their different shapes, that’s a skill they need to acquire and we will give you some tips and tricks to help them develop that skill fast.

With Alif Arabic letter recognition skill has never been easier, Let’s get started.

Tips For Encouraging Arabic Letter Recognition.

The fastest and easiest way to teach kids anything is through fun activities and games; you will be amazed at how fast they learn and engage with you.

Remember kids have short attention spans, therefore, teaching them in a normal boring traditional way won’t work, you need to make learning fun and interesting. There are many ways to boost your kids’ letter recognition skills, and here are some of the fun ways to do so:

1. Fill In the Dots and trace Arabic letters with Arabic worksheets for kids.

The first step to building your kids’ letter recognition skills is teaching them the shapes of the letters and how to form them. For example, the letter (أ) is made of a straight line, try to teach your kids the different shapes that form a letter like circles, straight lines, curves, and dots.

Additionally, you could use familiar objects for illustration, for example, the letter (ب) looks like a plate with one dot under it, and the letter (ت) looks like a plate with two dots on it.

Arabic letter recognition worksheets are helpful tools when it comes to learning the different shapes of letters. You can download a fill-in-the-dots worksheet and give it to your child to practice writing the letters.

If one of the letters is hard to process break it into smaller shapes, this will help them learn the letter easier. plus, tracing and filling in the dots worksheets help your child enhance his writing while learning the different letters.    

When a child understands the different shapes that form a letter like circles and straight lines, they will easily recognize letters. You can download dot letter worksheets from the internet or make them on your own. Grab a piece of paper, write a letter on a large scale using empty circles to form the letter, and give it to your child to practice writing it. this a fast way to master letter recognition easily with Arabic worksheets. 

Furthermore, if you don’t have free time to teach your kids Arabic, or don’t know how to do so, you could simply enroll them in the AlifArabic Arabic Reading Course, where they will learn on the hands of highly quailed professional tutors with the help of fun and engaging games that will grab their interest in no time, and leave them eager for the next lesson.


2. Master letter recognition with Alphabet Books.

Another great way to teach you are chilled how to recognize letters in Arabic is by reading them Arabic alphabet books. This method is one of the most common methods used because of its effectiveness. When your child sees the letter repeatedly, they will memorize it without even knowing.

This will build their letter recognition skill and prepare them for the next level, which is connecting the letters and forming words. Starting with the basics is the first step in building a strong foundation.


3. Playdough.

With the help of playdough activity, your child will enjoy learning. It’s one of the best activities for kindergarten kids through which they will play with the playdough and shape it into the different Arabic letters. It’s not just fun activity but it also enhances a child’s muscles and creativity.

Using Playdough to shape letters, popsicle sticks, or anything malleable will be fun to kids plus they get to shape by themselves and feel the shape of the letter which makes it easier for them to recognize.


4. Drawing and coloring worksheets.

Kids love coloring and drawing, take advantage of this and buy and buy them Arabic letter coloring and drawing worksheets. Play with them to make it more fun, draw a letter and ask them to do the same, or color the letters together and while you’re at it make them repeat the letter name to recognize it.

You can then draw a letter and ask your kid which one is it, if he got it right, try another one, this will help him master his letter recognition and recalling skills.

AlifArabic offers a variety of Arabic worksheets for kids to help them learn faster and enjoy learning, as they master their letter recognition.


5. Explore Names Together.

Another great idea to enhance your kid’s letter recognition skill is exploring names together. Write a list of names and ask your child to point to a word that starts with a specific letter, or contains a specific letter.

There are many activities you can do with this simple game, for example, ask your kids to find the letter that appears most times, or ask them to mention a letter that doesn’t exist on the list. This way you will boost your kid’s recognition skills and enjoy learning.



6. Arabic alphabet flashcards.

With Arabic alphabet flashcards, learning the Arabic alphabet will be fun. You could ask your child to match the letter with its name, match the letter with an animal name that starts with it, or even play a word game. You could ask them to try and make up a word out of the letters they have.

Arabic flashcards have many benefits, you can also use them to teach your child about new topics like animal names, colors, and more. Additionally, it can help them memorize new words easily in a fun way.

Alphabet flashcards are a fun and interesting activity that will enhance and builds your kids’ letter-recognition skills. If you like you could even do it with your child instead of buying it. Use index cards or grab some paper and cut it into small cards, ask your child to write one letter on each card and decorate it as he likes, which will enhance his creative thinking skill too.


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