In this article, we will talk about the common mistakes people do when learning the Arabic Language and what is the best way to learn it.

Learning a new language can be challenging, and Arabic is no exception. Here are some common mistakes to avoid when learning Arabic:

  • Not learning the Arabic script: Arabic is written in a different script than English, so it’s essential to learn the Arabic script to read and write the language. Failing to do so can make it difficult to progress in learning Arabic.
  • Not paying attention to pronunciation: Arabic has some sounds that don’t exist in English, such as the “qaf” sound, which is produced from the back of the throat. Paying attention to pronunciation is crucial to communicate effectively in Arabic.
  • Not studying Arabic grammar: Arabic grammar is complex and different from English grammar. Learning Arabic grammar is necessary to understand the language’s structure and to communicate effectively.
  • Not practicing speaking and listening: Speaking and listening skills are essential when learning Arabic. Not practicing speaking and listening can make it difficult to communicate effectively in Arabic.
  • Translating word for word: Translating word for word from English to Arabic can result in awkward or incorrect sentences. It’s important to learn Arabic phrases and idioms to communicate naturally in the language.
  • Not learning the different dialects: Arabic has many dialects, and each dialect has its unique characteristics. Not learning the dialect that you want to use can make it difficult to communicate effectively with native speakers.
  • Not immersing oneself in the language: Immersing oneself in the language is an effective way to learn Arabic. Not listening to Arabic music, watching Arabic TV shows, or speaking with native speakers can make it difficult to progress in learning the language.

The Most Common Mistakes when Learning the Arabic Language

here are some of the major mistakes people do when learning the Arabic language:

1- Not knowing the reason you’re Studying Arabic for.

The first step to take before learning a new language is to figure out why you want to learn it. For example, do you want to learn to study abroad in an Arab country? Are you going after a job in an Arab country? Or do you want to learn Arabic because you love the language? there are many reasons and having one is what pushes you through your learning journey.

There are many dialects in the Arabic language, and if you know why you’re studying it you can determine easily which dialects to learn, but if you don’t have a reason, you will only pick a dialect according to what people say and, in the end, you will get confused and hate the language.  so, before you start learning, ask yourself, why do I want to learn Arabic?

2- Not Practicing

In order to learn something, you must practice, let’s say you’re studying math and all you do is watch videos regarding how to solve a specific problem. If you didn’t try to solve it yourself, will you be able to solve it on your own? Of course not, you will fail at it.

The same thing applies to learning a new language, to be good at it you should practice it as much as you can, memorize new words, read, watch Arabic movies, and try to understand what they say or mimic them even if you don’t understand a word, this way you will catch the right pronunciation of the words.

Make practicing Arabic the main part of your daily schedule, your mind needs to practice even if you think that you don’t need to. This goes for any language, not just Arabic, practice makes perfect, don’t forget that.

3- Having unachievable goals.

Another important thing is to set up your goals, not having a goal will make you confused, and don’t know where to start or how to keep going.

However, setting unachievable goals is much worse, set goals that fit your schedule and abilities, for example, don’t make one of your goals to memorize 2000 new words every day, this goal is unrealistic and no one can achieve it.

And when having goals that you can’t achieve will make you feel down, and we don’t want this to happen. 

 Common mistakes when learning the Arabic language for beginners.

Other mistakes include:

1-     Not being consistent

To get better in the Arabic language and to meet your goals you should be consistent. Practice Arabic every day, and don’t pass a day without studying o you will start all over again. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do anything but learn Arabic all day, no just 10 minutes or half an hour is good. Remember, don’t set goals that you can’t achieve.

Studying the language every day will make your mind familiar with it and it will be much easier for you to learn faster.


2-     Learning Arabic like you learn any other language.

Not all languages are alike, there are difficult languages to learn like Chinese for example, when you compare Chinese with Spanish which one is easier? Spanish is much easier and won’t take long to learn. And Arabic is one of the most difficult languages to learn,

so you can treat it like you do with easy languages, you can’t learn it in a month or two, it takes time to master and that’s okay. Don’t get frustrated, that’s normal when learning Arabic. Keep learning and don’t bother yourself by comparing your progress with another easy language that you learned in a few months.

Best way to learn Arabic.

Here we will learn the easy way to learn Arabic and how to learn Arabic fast.

If you are still a beginner then you must be distracted and searching for the best ways to learn how to read and speak Arabic for beginners. In the beginning, it might be hard for you to decide which website or course is right for you, or you don’t even know where to start.

Believe me, I’ve been there and I know how it feels to be lost and doesn’t know what to do. That’s why we will guide you through every step, so, have no worries.

There are many courses out there that will be of great use to you and they are all free. So, let’s get started.

Best way to learn Arabic language online and best learning methods:

  • Online Audio & Podcasts for Learning Arabic.
  • YouTube learning Arabic channels.
  • Online Arabic courses.
  • Application for learning the Arabic language.
  • Courses websites.
  • Arabic news.
  • YouTube Arabic bloggers.
  • Arabic articles.

learn Arabic online

Here are the best ways to learn Arabic online:

1-     Learning Arabic with Audio & Podcasts.

One of the best ways and most Practical methods to learn Arabic is through audio, you could take it with you and listen to it anywhere and anytime.

For example, you could listen to it on your way home using your mp3, or even if you are on your way to getting a cup of coffee or while you’re doing your morning workout. You get the point, right? It’s an easy and fast way to learn.

So here is a list of the best Audio & Podcasts to help you learn to read and speak Arabic step by step:

  • ArabicPod101:

You can sign up for free and you will get a full week’s trial to try their lessons. They offer a lot of Arabic content for every level. Whether you are a beginner or advanced you will find what you are looking for.

Unfortunately, when the week is over you will have to pay in order to get access to their lessons. So, try it out, and if you like it goes ahead and gets premium.

  • Learn Arabic by using Language Transfer:

Another great podcast to help you learn Arabic online is language transfer, it offers you a series of audio that you could download easily. In addition to their fun Arabic Vocabulary cards that you could download as Pdf or view on Facebook. The cards are great to learn read and speak Arabic for beginners.

  • TuneIn:

TuneIn offers you the opportunity to learn Arabic online by listening to the radio where you will find many countries speaking Arabic. Try some of the stations before you make up your mind.

  • Forvo:

Another great place to learn to speak Arabic is through listening to native-speaking Arabic words, which is great to enhance your pronunciation and learn new words.


It offers an audio collection of Arabic vocabulary.

2-     learn the Arabic language using YouTube channels.

One of the best and most free ways to learn Arabic is through YouTube channels. There are many channels that offer great Arabic courses. Plus, learning via videos gives you the opportunity to see how the person is moving his tongue to pronounce the word correctly.

This gives you the advantage of enhancing your pronunciation.

Here is a list of the best YouTube channels for learning Arabic:

  • ArabicPod101:

Yes, ArabicPod101 again, besides their podcast they have a YouTube channel that offers free lessons. It offers the best online Arabic course.

  • Easy Arabic:

This channel teaches you not only the Arabic language but also the knowledge of the culture. The videos are all about a host interviewing people on the streets of Cairo. Which Is an advantage for you because this way you will listen to natives speaking Arabic and it will also help you improve your listening skills.

  • Learn Arabic with Maha:

A popular Arabic language teacher who teaches you Arabic through her fun, short videos.

  • Learn Arabic with Zakaria:

A vintage way of teaching as this channel teaches you Arabic through cartoons. It’s mainly for kids but is a great way to start with to learn reading and speak Arabic for beginners.

 How to learn Arabic online?

In this section, we will talk about the best online Arabic courses. Because when you are at the beginning of your learning journey you want organized steps to follow, and the only thing that will offer you that is courses. Because each course has its own structure and steps of teaching. So here is a list of the best online Arabic courses:

  • Live Lingua:

Live Lingue offers various dialects to choose the one you want to learn. It offers more than 54 free courses; each course has its own textbooks and audio materials.

  • Madinah Arabic:

This one offers two free courses one for the complete Arabic learner beginner and the second for the ones who can read Arabic.

  • BBC Languages:

It gives an amazing introduction course to the Arabic language.

4-     learn the Arabic language using apps:

One of the easiest ways to learn Arabic online is through mobile applications, there are tons of apps that you can download easily and for free. And you could use It to study Wherever you are. So, let’s see the best apps for learning Arabic online for free:

  • Memrise:

It’s an app that enables you from creating your own Arabic vocabulary learning cards, and you could also download cards that are made by other users.

  • Duolingo:

The most popular application for learning any language is Duolingo, you must have heard of it before. It teaches you both Arabic vocabulary and grammar. It’s really fun to use.

  • Drops:

This app has a limit on its free version, it only allows you 5 minutes a day of learning Arabic each day. It helps you learn more words.

  • Clozemaster:

It helps you learn new words by filling in the blank game. Which is a fun way to learn Arabic.


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