40 Nawawi Hadiths


40 Nawawi Hadiths

The Honorable Hadeeth of the prophet Muhammad – may peace be upon him – is the second source of Islamic Shari’a to us as Muslims, it includes many things about his life, morals, and principles.
Learning the Holy Qur’an and Honorable Hadeeth should give us the guidance to be on the right track where Almighty Allah wants us to be.

At the end of this course the learner should be able to:
1. Know the objectives of Islam that we need to understand as Muslims.
2. Understand the correct way of applying the morals and ethics of Islam in our life.
3. Be aware of the pure knowledge according to the actions of the prophet Muhammad may peace be upon him.
4. Understand the difference between the Nabawi Hadeeths and the Qudsi Hadeeths.
5. Know the great directions of the Almighty Allah and his messenger may peace be upon him.

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