Arabic for Adults


Learn Arabic Online for Adults

Learn Arabic Grammar and to speak Arabic for Adults with scholars from Al Azhar University. Learn the Arabic Grammar rules, conversation and structure of the Arabic Language in this course.

This Arabic course covers the 4 parts of learning the Arabic language: Reading, Writing, Speaking, Understanding.  With this online Arabic course, you will also learn the grammar words of the Arabic language, and you will learn how to implement them in your Arabic conversation and writing, where we provide for you al azhar Arabic online.

What You’ll Learn in Arabic for Adults Course

This online Arabic course will help you in knowing the rules of Arabic Grammar, Arabic writing, speaking, understanding – how to apply them in your daily life, reading Arabic and speaking Arabic, and more.

You will learn grammar such as singular pronouns, masculine/feminine words, numbers, types of words, present, past and future tense, and much more.

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