School Policy

Alif Arabic works hard to provide the best quality for the best price. Please review the policy and procedures below, so you are familiar with how are classes work.

  • Class recordings are available upon request. Student must request teacher to record each session that is needed. Recordings are stored and available for 30 days before deletion.


  • Evaluations are free for new students.
  • The purpose of the evaluation is to evaluate the student’s level to find a suitable teacher.


  • We try to accommodate the student’s scheduling needs, as long as we have availability.
  • Students may specify during their evaluation the best days/time for them, so we can match a teacher accordingly.
  • Students may reschedule a session if requested within 2 hours of the scheduled session time.
  • For Eid breaks, students can reschedule their classes before Eid to be taken outside of the vacation.
  • Classes are activated after the first payment is received from the student (student will receive the invoice via email).


  • Tuition is billed on a 4-week basis.
  • Invoices will be sent to the email on file and due upon receipt.
  • If payment is delayed by 2 sessions, classes will be suspended.
  • The first invoice is sent when your classes are scheduled and is due before the first session.  If first month tuition is not paid by the time of the first session, your class will be postponed.
  • We offer a 100% guarantee on classes with a full refund, if you cancel within the first week.
  • All remaining invoices will be on the first day of the billing period.

Class Etiquette:

  • Students are expected to arrive to class on time. Teacher is instructed to wait no more than half the time of the session before leaving, if student doesn’t enter the class.
  • If class begins late, teacher will not makeup the lost time. Class will end as scheduled.
  • If student does not attend class with no prior notification or request, class time will not be offered as a makeup.