Do you hate learning? Did you try to memorize new Arabic words and every time you are doomed to forget? If your answer is yes then have no worries, we have the solution for you.

Did you know that there are 4 types of learners? Yes, some learn through reading and writing, some through reading out loud, and for some, neither ways work. That’s because there are different styles of learning, and everyone has a style of learning.

The common learning styles include:  

Visual learning: learning through pictures and images.

Auditory learning: learning through reading out loud.

Reading/Writing learning: learning through reading and writing.

Kinesthetic learning: learn through immersing yourself in what you are learning.  

 Remember we are all different and every one of us has his own approach. You might fall into one of the above categories or a combination.

Visual learning plays a big role in enhancing your memory, as the mind tends to recognize and recall pictures faster. So why not harness this in your own favor? Let’s see how you can do so easily. 

Visual Learning

Visual learning is more fun and enjoyable than the traditional method. Why sit at a desk for a long time looking at a list of words, trying to memorize and fail? So why not try another way that is more effective and creative? 

Visual Learning
Visual Learning

Visual Arabic Vocabulary Learning helps you memorize words faster without even knowing. Grab a pen and start drawing pictures and images that represent the Arabic word you are trying to memorize, use colors and be creative.

How to learn Arabic vocabulary through visual learning?

We know that visual learning is fun and enjoyable, but how can we do so? Here are some of the best approaches to follow:

1. Visual Arabic Vocabulary Flashcards.

Arabic Vocabulary Flashcards consist of cards with words written on them and pictures representing the words. For example, animal Vocabulary Flashcards consist of a punch of cards with an animal’s name and pictures.

Arabic flashcards with pictures are fun, and help you develop your memory at the same time. There are also Arabic alphabet flashcards that you could combine to form a word or try to guess a word that starts with the letter.

Visual Arabic Vocabulary helps you acquire and memorize words faster than the typical method of memorizing a list of words.

Arabic with pictures flashcards is of different colors and each one contains a word with its illustration. You could buy the common Arabic Vocabulary Flashcards. The idea of using flashcards is not to learn for an extended period of time, instead learn some words and review them every day. 

Reviewing the same words day by day will make them stick in your brain, and with the help of visuals, you won’t forget them. Visuals make it easy for your brain to connect the words with their illustration. When relying on text-only it will take a long time to memorize a few words.

Instead of buying Visual Arabic Vocabulary Learning Flashcards, you could make them your own. Bring some paper and cut it into medium-sized rectangles. Search for a list of the common Arabic words, and write them on the cards you prepared. Now it is your time to be creative, use colors, and draw beautiful pictures that illustrate each word.

A fun thing that you could do is to draw the picture on one side and the Arabic word on the other side and its English meaning. After you finish making your own Visual Arabic flashcards you can start learning and play with your friends to make learning even better and more fun.

Test yourself, look at the picture and try to remember the word, and say it out loud. You could also ask one of your friends to test you by showing you the picture and you guess the word   

2. Arabic alphabet puzzles.

Puzzle is a form of Visual Arabic Vocabulary learning. Play an Arabic puzzle game and try to generate new words. This method will enhance your memory, help you learn new words, and recall them faster.

 3. Arabic worksheets.

Arabic writing worksheets contain visuals and help you practice your language easier. Additionally, you get to practice your writing besides memorizing new words, hence you will learn Arabic calligraphy, and your writing will be beautiful.

 If you found the article helpful feel free to share it. If you still have any questions comment below and we will be more than glad to help you.