Teaching Arabic to your little ones is not always easy, however, there are some tips and tricks that will ease the process for you.

Is there really an easy way to teach the Arabic alphabet to kids? The answer is yes, so have no worries as we will discover some amazing ideas to help you in your teaching journey, let’s get started.


What Age Should Children Start Learning Arabic?

As a parent, you must be wondering when is the best time to start teaching Arabic to your kids and the answer is that it depends on your kid. You know your kids more than anyone else and their capabilities, so it is you who can decide the right answer. However, on average, kids start learning the Arabic language at 4.5, some may start earlier, and others may learn at an older age.  


Tips and tricks to teach Arabic letters with Arabic Alphabet Posters.

Kids have the ability to learn any language faster than adults so have no worries it won’t be hard at all. All you need to do is to make learning fun and interesting, use what interest them and what they love. For instance, kids love coloring and drawing, so take advantage of that and bring them coloring Arabic Worksheets for Kids.

How to teach kids Arabic with Arabic Alphabet posters? Let’s discover some fun and engaging ways to do so.

Arabic alphabet posters for kids are strong learning tools. They enhance memory, enhance recognition skills, and help to learn to write Arabic letters.

Furthermore, you can hang the learn Arabic alphabet posters all over the house. This way your kids will learn the Arabic alphabet faster with the help of the visual aids. Visual aids help kids memorize and recognize things faster in a fun and engaging way.

There is more than one way to use the Arabic Alphabet posters. For instance, kids can use them as a reference when learning the letters. You could use the posters to test and quiz your kids, just point to one of the letters and ask them to say its name. Point on a letter and ask them to say a word that starts with it, or to write its different shapes. Don’t forget to reward your kids which will encourage them to do even better and learn faster.

There are Arabic alphabet posters for kids online that you could download and print. But when choosing the poster make sure that the letters are big, clear, colored, and easy to read and recognize. It would even be better if the Arabic alphabet poster contains pictures of words that start with each letter. This way they will not only learn the Arabic alphabet but they will also learn new words and how to write them.

Be sure to test your kids every now and then, bring all the letters they have learned, put it on the ground, ask the kid to name each letter and pronounce it, or choose any letter randomly and ask your kids about it. Remove every letter they managed to pronounce and leave only the letters they failed at remembering.


Another idea is that you can hang a poster containing the different shapes of Arabic letters. We know that Arabic letters change their shapes depending on their place in the word. If you want your kids to memorize the different shapes you could hang a poster that contains each letter with its different shapes. Here is an example:

letter Name Forms
ت taa Isolated: ت
    End: ـت
    Middle: ـتـ
    Initial: تـ


Additionally, you can print the alphabet chart, there are many Arabic alphabet charts online. And that’s an important step, why this step is important? Because kids learn by touching, they want to hold and touch the letters. Therefore, it will be better if you print it. After printing the letters cut them to isolate each letter and hang them all on the wall. You will be amazed how fast your kids will learn the Arabic letters.


In conclusion, using Arabic alphabet posters is an effective way to teach children the Arabic language. Posters can be used as visual aids to help children recognize and memorize the letters of the Arabic alphabet. They can also be used as a tool for parents or teachers to quiz children on their knowledge of the Arabic alphabet.

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