Arabic is one of the most spoken languages around the world which opens up many opportunities for its learners.

More than 23 countries speak it as an official or co-official language. learning to speak Arabic and understand it will increase your chances of getting your dream job in any Arab country you want.

If your dream is to live in an Arab world or get hired by the US government agencies then you better role in one of the online Arabic classes right away.

In this article, we will show you the best way to learn Arabic on your own with the help of the many resources out there. Let’s get started.

Is Arabic an easy language to learn?

Before I tell you how to learn Arabic let’s first answer the question that every new learner asks “Is Arabic an easy language to learn?” the answer that you will normally hear is No, Arabic is not an easy language to learn.

However, the true answer is that it depends on you. if you like the language and have a goal to achieve and what pushes you to keep going then yes Arabic is an easy language to learn.  But if you choose to learn it because you heard that it’s a good language to learn without really having the will to learn it you will stop in the middle of the way.

What does that mean? Before you start learning a language ask yourself the following:

Why do I want to learn it?

When I learn it what will I do next?

What will it benefit me with?

What’s the easy way to learn Arabic?

When you answer those questions, you will understand if you really want to learn it or not. And if you do then keep reading and we will tell you how to do so.


What is the most efficient way to learn Arabic?

There are some steps to follow to learn Arabic easily and efficiently, here they are:

1.     Learn Arabic letters.

There are only 28 letters in the Arabic Alphabet and they aren’t too hard to learn. Actually, most Arabic learners said that learning the letters didn’t take too much time from them.

Listen to alphabet songs for kids and repeat what you hear. You will be amazed at how fast you memorize the letters because the human brain tends to memorize songs faster. Also, download and print the Arabic alphabet sheet and practice writing them and get familiar with how they change their shapes according to their place in the word.

Here’s the Arabic alphabet chart with their names:

ا   ب ت ث ج ح  خ
Alif Ba Ta Theh Jim Ha Kha
د ذ ر   ز س  ش   ص
Dal Dhal Ra Za Sin Shin Sad
ض ط ظ ع غ   ف ق  
D’ad Dha Dh’a ‘Ain Ghain Feh Qaf
ك   ل   م   ن   ه و   ي 
Kaf Lam Mim Nun Ha’a Waw Yah


2.     Choose the Arabic dialect.

There are many Arabic dialects to choose from and the best thing to do is to listen to the various dialects and choose the one you like more. But if you already decided which country you want to go to for learning or to get your dream job then you have already decided your dialect and there’s no need to listen to other dialects.


3.     Fastest way to learn Arabic words.

Arabic is a root-based language which means that from one root you can come up with many words. For example the word “drasa = درس”  you can come up with the word “tadrus = تدرس”, “yadrus = يدرس”, “darasat = درست”, and many other words.

That’s one method you could use to learn Arabic words. However, at the beginning of learning, you might find it hard to follow this method. Then what should you do? Learn the words that are the same in English and Arabic. Here are some of them:


كومبيوتر – Computer

تليفون – Telephone

ميكرويف – Microwave

ميكانيكي – Mechanic

مليون – Million

And also learn the basic phrases used in daily life situations. Here are some of them:

laa. No.

min faDlik. Please.

shukran. Thank you.

äafwan. You’re welcome.

aläafw. Excuse me.

arjuu almaädhira. I am sorry.

sabaaH alkhayr. Good morning.

masaa’ alkhayr. Good evening.

tuSbiH äalaa khayr. Good night.


4.     Learn Arabic for beginners using flashcards.

Once you memorize new words daily you might forget some of them or find a word that is a bit hard to memorize. Therefore, the best way to learn Arabic words is through the use of Flashcards. Write the words on cards and its meaning on the back of the card and keep them with you all the time. Whenever you feel bored or have some free time look at them and test yourself. This way you will never forget them.


5.     Learn Arabic Grammar and how to build a sentence.

One of the hardest things that Arabic learner face is learning Grammar. Why? Because there are rules in Arabic that don’t exist in English. Like the dual rule (when talking or referring to two people), and how the words change based on gender. You could watch YouTube videos that will help you understand the rule and how to use them. And don’t worry it’s not that hard, it just takes time and you must be patient and persistent.


6.     Read out loud.

To enhance your pronunciation and reading skills you should read any sentence you meet out loud. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, it’s normal, plus learning from your mistakes is the best way.

7.     Immerse yourself in the Arabic world.

Another thing to do is to watch Arabic movies, series, songs, or whatever you like and read Arabic books, article blogs, and so on. This way you will enhance your reading and listening skills in no time.


Easy way to learn Arabic online

Why waste your time and money on transportation and learning centers if you can learn Arabic online? One of the best resources we have in our lives is the internet. With the help of technology, you can take an online course or watch YouTube channels, and here we will guide to both ways.

Easy way to learn Arabic online
Easy way to learn Arabic online

At the beginning of learning, you want to learn from an organized course that will guide you step by step. And the best way to learn Arabic in an organized way is through courses.

1-     One of the best online platforms that provide different Arabic courses for all levels and ages is Alif Arabic. You will learn with professional tutors, plus taking a course with a native speaker will highly enhance your pronunciation, and soon you will speak like a native. With us, you will learn the following:

  •       Arabic alphabets, how to pronounce them and write them.
  •       How to read and write Arabic.
  •       Make a full conversation in Arabic.
  •       Arabic grammar rules.
  •       Learn about Arab culture.

 Even if you want to teach Arabic to your kids, we have the right course for them which is taught by professional tutors.

2-     Live Lingua: this website offers 54 free courses to learn Arabic with textbooks and learning materials that will be helpful for you. Additionally, you will find many dialects to choose from.

3-     Madinah Arabic offers two free courses one for the complete Arabic learner beginner and the second for the ones who can read Arabic.

4-     BBC Languages: if you have no idea where to start, then it’s a good idea to take the introductory to Arabic language course offered by BBC languages.


How can I learn Arabic by myself?

Secondly, among the many resources, we have online the most valuable one is YouTube channels. Once you search for Arabic lessons you will get many results. And most of them are given by native Arabic speakers which will help you enhance your pronunciation.

Here is a list of the best YouTube channels for learning Arabic:

  • ArabicPod101: ArabicPod101 has a YouTube channel that offers free lessons
  • Easy Arabic: This channel teaches you not only the Arabic language but also the knowledge of the culture. The videos are all about a host interviewing people on the streets of Cairo. Which Is an advantage for you because this way you will listen to natives speaking Arabic and it will also help you improve your listening skills.
  • Learn Arabic with Maha: A popular Arabic language teacher who teaches you Arabic through her fun, short videos.
  • Learn Arabic with Zakaria: A vintage way of teaching as this channel teaches you Arabic through cartoons. It’s mainly for kids but is a great way to start with to learn reading and speaking Arabic for beginners.


That’s it for today’s article if you need any help or if you have any questions visit our website Alif Arabic and we will be more than glad to help.

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