Wanting to teach your kids the Arabic Alphabet and don’t know how? Have no worries, you came to the right place.

Here you will learn about the best Arabic alphabet activities for kids, so let’s get started.

Basic concepts of the Arabic alphabet

Before you start teaching your kids about the Arabic alphabet there’re some basics to teach them. Learning the Arabic Alphabet is not hard, especially for kids, as they have the ability to learn languages faster than adults.

For English speakers, the Arabic Alphabet may seem intimidating and weird. However, reading and writing in Arabic is not hard. It’s just different and has its own rules. For instance, Arabic is written from right to left, and they change their shapes based on their place in the word.

Here’s a table of the Arabic Alphabet and its different shapes:

letter Name Forms
أ alif Isolated: ا
    End: ـا
    Middle: ـا
    Initial: ا
ب baa Isolated: ب
    End: ب
    Middle: ـبـ Initial: بـ
ت taa Isolated: ت
    End: ـت
    Middle: ـتـ
    Initial: تـ
ث tha Isolated: ث
    End: ـث
    Middle: ثـ
    Initial: ثـ
ج jiim Isolated: ج
    End: ـج
    Middle: ـجـ
    Initial: جـ
ح haa Isolated: ح
    End: ـح
    Middle: ـحـ
    Initial: حـ
خ khaa Isolated: خ
    Middle: ـخ
    End: ـخـ
    Initial: خـ
د dal Isolated: د
    End: ـد
    Middle: ـد
    Initial: د
ذ dhal Isolated: ذ
    End: ـذ
    Middle: ـذ
    Initial: ذ
ر raa Isolated: ر
    End: ـر
    Middle: ـر
    Initial: ر
ز zayn Isolated: ز
    End: ـز
    Middle: ـز
    Initial: ـز
س siin Isolated: س
    End: ـس
    Middle: ـسـ
    Initial: سـ
ش shiin Isolated: ش
    End: ـش
    Middle: ـشـ
    Initial: شـ
ص Saad Isolated: ص
    End: ـص
    Middle: ـصـ
    Initial: صـ
ض Dhad Isolated: ض
    End: ض
    Middle: ـضـ
    Isolated: ضـ
ط Taa Isolated: ط
    End: ـط
    Middle: ـطـ
    Initial: ط
ظ Dhaa Isolated: ظ
    End: ـظ
    Middle: ـظـ
    Initial: ظـ
ع hain Isolated: ع
    End: ـع
    Middle: ـعـ
    Initial: عـ
غ ghain Isolated: غ
    End: ـغ
    Middle: ـغـ
    Initial: غـ
ف faa Isolated: ف
    End: ـف
    Middle: ـفـ
    Initial: فـ
ق qaaf Isolated: ق
    End: ق
    Middle: ـقـ
    Initial: قـ
ك kaaf Isolated: ك
    End: ـك
    Middle: ـكـ
    Initial: كـ
ل laam Isolated: ل
    End: لـ
    Middle: ـلـ
    Initial: لـ
م miim Isolated: م
    End: ـم
    Middle: ـمـ
    Initial: مـ
ن nun Isolated: ن
    End: ـن
    Middle: ـنـ
    Initial: نـ
ه haa Isolated: ه
    End: ـه
    Middle: ـهـ
    Initial: هـ
و waw Isolated: و
    End: ـو
    Middle: ـو
    Initial: و
ي yaa Isolated: ي
    End: ـي
    Middle: ـيـ
    Initial: يـ


How can I help my child practice the Arabic alphabet at home?

Teaching a new language to a child isn’t hard at all, you just need to follow and use the right tactics. Here are the best 11 Arabic activities for beginners that will boost your child’s learning.

Tips for Teaching Arabic Alphabet

The best way to teach something to kids is through games, stories, and activities. They learn through having fun, so all you need to do is to attract their interest, and you can do so with the help of Arabic activities and games.

1. Playdough.

With the help of playdough activity, your child will enjoy learning. It’s one of the best activities for kindergarten kids through which they will play with the playdough and shape it into the different Arabic letters. It’s not just fun activity but it also enhances a child’s muscles and creativity.

2. Arabic alphabet flashcards.

With Arabic alphabet flashcards, learning the Arabic alphabet will be fun. You could ask your child to match the letter with its name, match the letter with an animal name that starts with it, or even play a word game. You could ask them to try and make up a word out of the letters they have.

Arabic flashcards have many benefits, you can also use them to teach your child about new topics like animal names, colors, and more. Additionally, it can help them memorize new words easily in a fun way.

3. Coloring and writing activity.

Coloring and drawing are the two most beloved activities to kids and you should take advantage of it. Download and print some of the free Arabic letters coloring and writing worksheets and let your kid enjoy coloring and writing them.

When the kids color the same letter or write it more than once they will automatically memorize it. Therefore, coloring and writing is one of the most fun and beneficial activities.  

4. Visual aids.

Another great Arabic alphabet activity is using colored images and pictures. For example, you could make a poster filled with colored pictures of Arabic letters and hang it on the wall. This will help them memorize and recognize the letters easily. You could also test them and ask them if they can find the letter.

5. Arabic alphabet songs.

Arabic letter songs are one of the best methods to teach Arabic to your child. Songs stick in the brain whether child or adult, it’s one of the fastest ways to memorize the Arabic alphabet and learn how to pronounce them.  

6. Arabic alphabet puzzles.

Another fun Arabic learning activity is puzzles, play Arabic alphabet puzzles with your kid to teach them the Arabic letters easily.

7. Arabic alphabet snap game.

To teach your child about the different shapes of the letters you could make use of this Arabic alphabet activity. Let your child organize the letters based on their shapes.

8. Arabic Word hunting.

A fun and interesting activity is word hunting. Ask your child to search for a specific word among the many words.

9. Calligraphy.

This is one of the best Arabic activities to enhance your child’s writing. Write an Arabic sentence and ask your kid to try and write in a beautiful way. You could also reward your kids to encourage them.

10. Arabic letters games quiz.

There’re many ways to play this game with your kids, for example, you could put a punch of Arabic letters flashcards in front of them and ask them to find a specific letter, ask them to match the letter with its name, or whatever comes into your mind.

11. Arabic Cartoon stories.

Kids love watching cartoons and learn a lot from them, so make them watch Arabic cartoons.

At what age should children start learning the Arabic alphabet?

Many parents ask this question, and there is no right or wrong answer to it. But the average age to start teaching your kid the letters is 4.5 years. Some kids can learn earlier while some may learn at an older age. So, don’t worry, it differs from one kid to another.

How many letters are in the Arabic alphabet?

The Arabic alphabet or as it’s called in Arabic Al-abjadiyah consists of 28 letters. All the 28 letters are consonants and most of them change their shapes depending on their place in the word.

Is Arabic a difficult language to learn?

Many people are worried about the difficulty of the Arabic language. and every new learner start by asking “Is Arabic an easy language to learn? Is it a difficult language” Mostly, you will find the answer is Arabic is a difficult language to learn and that you should learn Spanish or French instead.  

However, Arabic isn’t a hard language to learn, it depends on the learner. If you have a goal that you want to achieve then it won’t be hard at all. But if you don’t know why you’re learning the language then you won’t find the motive to continue learning and it will seem really hard to learn.

In short, the answer depends on you.

Why learning the Arabic alphabet is important?

The Arabic alphabet is the foundation of the Arabic language, without learning them you won’t be able to read or write. And for Muslims, it’s essential to learn Arabic to read Quran. But that doesn’t mean that only Muslims learn Arabic. People worldwide learn the Arabic language for the many opportunities it opens for its learner.

When you learn the Arabic language, you will be able to travel to any Arab country for work or to study abroad. Also, there is a high demand for Arabic speakers nowadays.

For kids, learning second languages improves their concentration, multi-tasking ability, critical thinking, listening skills, and more. It enhances their mental flexibility.


The benefits of Arabic alphabet activities for kids.

Arabic alphabet activities are fun, interesting, and enjoyable to kids. But that is not all, there are many benefits to teaching your kids through Arabic activities as it enhances their creativity, critical thinking skills, concentration, and the child’s muscles.

How to choose Arabic alphabet activities for kids?

You’re the only one who knows what is really best for your child because you know him best than anyone else. However, there’re some things to consider like the child’s age, what they prefer, their preferences, and their abilities.

That’s it for today’s article, if you still have any questions visit our website, Alif Arabic. Feel free to share it if you found it helpful and comment below. 

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