The Arabic language is one of the most important languages to learn especially if you are traveling to an Arab country, so let’s see the best ways to learn Arabic.

should I learn Arabic? And why should I be studying the Arabic language? and how to learn it that what we will learn in this article. 

The benefits of communication to learn Arabic

Communicating in the language that you want to learn will not only enhance your communication skills but will also give you confidence in yourself to speak freely without the fear of making a mistake. Also, this way you will practice the new words that you learn every day.

How you can learn Arabic from movies?

To enhance your listening skills and pronunciation the best way is to watch a lot of movies. Listen to how they say the word and try to repeat after them and record yourself. Compare your pronunciation with theirs, if it doesn’t match see where you got it wrong and try to correct it. This way you will not just enhance your listening but also your pronunciation.  

What is the importance of listening in learning Arabic?

The main 4 skills to learn a new language are as follows:

  •       Listening.
  •       Speaking.
  •       Reading.
  •       Writing.

As you see listening is one of the main skills to learn. With listening you will learn how to use the words that you have memorized in a real conversation. And learn how to use them correctly like a native speaker. Enhancing your listening skills will enhance your ability to learn the Arabic language.


How long will it take to learn Arabic?

A really famous Question when wanting to learn a new language, however, the answer to this question is not easy. As it depends on many factors. It is a complex equation that keeps changing from one person to another. What are the factors that it depends on? Here they are:

  •       Your Previous Language Learning Experiences
  •       The Arabic Language Itself
  •       Your Learning Methods
  •       The Time You Dedicate to Learning
  •       Your Attitude and Motivation


1-      Your Previous Language Learning Experiences:

Learning a new language is much easier for Bilinguals. So, if you already speak a foreign language or were raised or living in a foreign country then this will save you time to learn the new language. there are many studies were made and they have proven that Bilinguals learn new languages faster and easier. But why is that? Because they are accustomed to and adapted to new languages. When being fluent in a foreign language will help you to learn a new language easier.

However, that doesn’t mean that you will not be able to learn a new language if you are not bilingual, learning a new language is not that hard.

The first step to learning the Arabic language or any new language is to learn its alphabet and the unique linguistic aspects of the language you are eager to learn. If you have studied a foreign language before in school then your mind can handle seeing foreign grammar, memorizing vocabulary, listening to different sounds, and looking at different letters. So, your mind will deal with whatever language you’re learning, and the learning process will become easier and faster with time.

The best way to learn a new language is to surround yourself with it, get exposed to it, watch movies, listen to songs, and don’t worry if you can’t understand a word that you hear, with time you will.

 2-      The Language You Are Learning:

You hear a lot that learning the Arabic language is really hard, especially for English speakers. Well, yes, it’s hard but not as much as you imagine. Actually, there are words that are the same in English and Arabic, which you already know and will save you time when learning. Here are some of them.

  • كومبيوتر – [kombiouter]: Computer
  • تليفون – [telifone]: Telephone
  • ميكرويف –[ maycrowayf]: Microwave
  • ميكانيكي –[ mikaniky]: Mechanic
  • مليون –[ milyoon]: Million

Other words include the following:

  • ALCHEMY and CHEMISTRY (الكيميـــــــــاء.)
  • ALCOHOL (الكُحُـــــــــول.)
  • ALGEBRA (الجبــر)
  • ALGORITHM (خوارزم)
  • ALKALINE (القلوي)
  • ELIXIR (الإكسيــــــــــــــر)
  • SODA (صـــــــــودا.)
  • ZENITH (سمت الرأس)
  • COTTON (قُطْـــــــــن)
  • GUITAR (جيتار)

Also you will find some words that are similar to English words but are different in meaning, this will make it easier for you to memorize. Here they are:

  • أنا – [ana] – (sounds like the name “Anna”) means I / Me
  • في – [fi] – (sounds like “fee”) means in
  • ألف – [alf] – (sounds like “elf”) means thousand
  • ارض – [ard]- (sounds like “art”) means earth


3-      How You Are Learning:

A main factor that determines how long will it take you to learn the Arabic language is the method and timeline you put for the language. For example, if you only learn Arabic by attending a course and you don’t study at any other time this will take longer time to learn

However, if you surround yourself with the language and expose yourself to it more outside the course you will manage to finish the Arabic language in less time. Watch movies and listen to songs/audio/ radio/ eBooks. Train yourself on writing in Arabic and try to make a conversation or repeat what you hear. As we know, practice makes perfect.


4-      The Time Dedicated to Learning:

The time you make for learning the new language is one of the main keys, for example, if you learn on a daily basis, weekly, or monthly. If you learn on daily basis then how many hours do you spend learning the language each day? There is a study that proves that if you spend at least one hour every day learning Arabic or a new language this way you will learn in a shorter time. So, try to make time in your schedule for learning the language and put a plan for your daily learning process.  

Studying frequently is the best way to learn a new language, if you can’t study on your own or if you want some encouragement then go ahead and take an online course and find a friend that wants to learn with you to encourage each other.

5-      Your Attitude:

Now you will say, Attitude? How will my Attitude affect my learning? Well, if you start learning with a Positive Attitude and make the learning process fun and understand what you will gain from learning the Arabic language and how it will open up doors for you then you will be eager to learn. You won’t look at the learning plan as something that you are forced to follow you will have fun while learning and you won’t get bored. This will also give you the motivation to learn and to be better at it faster.

6-      Your Motivation:

We all know that motivation is the key to success, the same goes for learning the Arabic language. there are also many studies that prove that being motivated helps you learn faster. Motivation is what will keep you going even when you feel that you are not good at learning a new language, this is what will make you learn faster.

So, every time you start to feel bored or want to stop, remind yourself why you want to learn Arabic. What is your goal from learning it and how will it enhance your life and help you reach your goal faster? Work had to reach your goal.  


How can I learn Arabic better?

There are many ways to learn the Arabic language, but here we will mention the best methods that will help you learn faster.

Here are the best learning methods:

  • Online Audio & Podcasts for learning Arabic.
  • YouTube learning Arabic channels.
  • Online Arabic courses.
  • Application for learning the Arabic language.
  • Courses websites.
  • Arabic news.
  • YouTube Arabic bloggers.
  • Arabic articles.


How can I learn through Audio & Podcasts?

One of the best ways and most Practical methods to learn Arabic is through audio, you could take it with you and listen to it anywhere and anytime. For example, you could listen to it on your way home using your mp3, or even if you are on your way to getting a cup of coffee or while you’re doing your morning workout. You get the point, right? It’s an easy and fast way to learn.

So here is a list of the best Audio & Podcasts to help you learn to read and speak Arabic step by step:

  • ArabicPod101:

You can sign up for free and you will get a full week’s trial to try their lessons. They offer a lot of Arabic content for every level. Whether you are a beginner or advanced you will find what you are looking for. Unfortunately, when the week is over you will have to pay in order to get access to their lessons. So, try it out and if you like it go ahead and get premium.

  • Learn Arabic by using Language Transfer:

Another great podcast to help you learn Arabic online is language transfer, which offers you a series of audio that you could download easily. In addition to their fun Arabic Vocabulary cards that you could download as Pdf or view on Facebook. The cards are great to learn read and speak Arabic for beginners.

  • TuneIn:

TuneIn offers you the opportunity to learn Arabic online by listening to the radio where you will find many countries speaking Arabic. Try some of the stations before you make up your mind.

  • Forvo:

Another great place to learn to speak Arabic is through listening to native-speaking Arabic words, which is great to enhance your pronunciation and learn new words.


It offers an audio collection of Arabic vocabulary.

How can I learn using YouTube channels?

One of the best and most free ways to learn Arabic is through YouTube channels. There are many channels that offer great Arabic courses. Plus, learning via videos gives you the opportunity to see how the person is moving his tongue to pronounce the word correctly. This gives you the advantage of enhancing your pronunciation.

Here is a list of the best YouTube channels for learning Arabic:

  • ArabicPod101:

Yes, ArabicPod101 again, besides their podcast they have a YouTube channel that offers free lessons. It offers the best online Arabic course.

  • Easy Arabic:

This channel teaches you not only the Arabic language but also the knowledge of the culture. The videos are all about a host interviewing people on the streets of Cairo. Which Is an advantage for you because this way you will listen to natives speaking Arabic and it will also help you improve your listening skills.

  • Learn Arabic with Maha:

A popular Arabic language teacher who teaches you Arabic through her fun, short videos.

  • Learn Arabic with Zakaria:

A vintage way of teaching as this channel teaches you Arabic through cartoons. It’s mainly for kids but is a great way to start with to learn reading and speaking Arabic for beginners.

How you can learn the Arabic language online?

In this section, we will talk about the best online Arabic courses. Because when you are at the beginning of your learning journey you want organized steps to follow, and the only thing that will offer you that is courses. Because each course has its own structure and steps of teaching. So here is a list of the best online Arabic courses:

  • Live Lingua:

Live lingue offers various dialects to choose the one you want to learn. It offers more than 54 free courses; each course has its own textbooks and audio materials.

  • Madinah Arabic:

This one offers two free courses one for the complete Arabic learner beginner and the second for the ones who can read Arabic.

  • BBC Languages:

It gives an amazing introduction course to the Arabic language.

How to learn the Arabic language using apps?

One of the easiest ways to learn Arabic online is through mobile applications, there are tons of apps that you can download easily and for free. And you could use It to study wherever you are. So, let’s see the best apps for learning Arabic online for free:

  • Memrise:

It’s an app that enables you from creating your own Arabic vocabulary learning cards, and you could also download cards that are made by other users.

  • Duolingo:

The most popular application for learning any language is Duolingo, you must have heard of it before. It teaches you both Arabic vocabulary and grammar. It’s really fun to use.

  • Drops:

This app has a limit on its free version, it only allows you 5 minutes a day of learning Arabic each day. It helps you learn more words.

  • Clozemaster:

It helps you learn new words by filling in the blank game. Which is a fun way to learn Arabic.

How can I learn Arabic online using course websites?

Those websites offer many courses in Arabic besides learning Arabic language courses. Famous examples of these websites include:

  • EDX.
  • Coursera.

What is the most important reason for learning Arabic?

What are the benefits of learning Arabic? And what are the benefits of learning modern standard Arabic? Well, that’s what we will find out right now.

  •       Arabic is the language of the Quran:

The Quran was revealed in the Arabic language, and to understand the Quran and read it correctly, learning the Arabic language is essential.

  •       High demand for the Arabic language:

So, what jobs can you get knowing Arabic? And the reason why I love the Arabic language is that today the US government agencies are searching for Arabic speakers; if you can speak it then you will be an excellent candidate. As you see Arabic qualifications are really important.

Besides that, you could work in one of the Arab countries like the Emirates in different fields like engineering, medicine, and business.

One of the top 5 spoken languages in the world is Arabic, and only one percent of US universities study Arabic, if you learn it you will get many job opportunities and excel in them.

There are some languages like Spanish and French that learning will offer you opportunities to travel around the world and find many jobs. While other languages like Chinese will offer you job opportunities in a few countries.

The Arabic language is a mix of those two, you won’t find many of your colleagues speaking Arabic yet there are 25 countries speaking the Arabic language.

  •       Gain international experience:

The Arabic language offers you the opportunity to study abroad.

  •       Learn about the Islamic religion and culture:

The second-largest religion in the world is Islam, Islam is not just a religion it is a way of life. Learning Arabic gives you the advantage of exploring Arab culture and religion.

  •       Travel to Arab countries:

Many people travel around the world but few have the opportunity to travel to an Arab country. Learning Arabic will open that door for you, you can go there to study or work.

  •       Different dialects:

Arabic has many delicate, and each one of them has its own beauty and differences. You can choose the one that you like more and learn it. 

  •       Arabic is one of the most spoken languages around the world:
  •       Arabic is a critical and powerful language.
  •       Access to a booming economy and young population.
  •       Many scholarships and study-abroad programs.
  •       Arabic is in high demand.
  •       Arabic is a gateway to other languages in the region.
  •       Access to the rich Islamic and Arab cultures.
  •       Arabic is such a rich language.
  •       You will learn about the world’s second-largest religion.
  •       It opens a whole new world of travel opportunities.
  •       Discover some of the countries that contributed to global civilization.
  •       You can choose the Arabic that interests you the most.
  •       Arabic is the fifth most spoken language in the world.
  •       High Demand Arabic Speakers in the Western World.
  •       Arabic is the Language of the Qur’an, the Holy Book of Islam.
  •       Business Opportunities in Arabic-Speaking Countries.
  •       Importance of Arabic language in Islamic studies.


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