Online Arabic Classes: Your Gateway to a New Horizon! Arabic is an important language spoken by 400 million people in the world. It has 270 million native speakers in 26 countries mostly living in the Middle East and northern Africa.

Arabic along with Hebrew and Amharic belongs to the Semitic group of languages. 

The language is ranked among the top six of the world’s foremost languages.

It is the religious language of the Muslim world. Now it has also emerged as a leading geopolitical and business language of the globe. 

Considering the importance of the language the demand for Arabic speakers is soaring high in the last few decades.

More people from the US, Europe, Australia, and other countries are now learning Arabic than in the past.

It has created unparalleled opportunities to do business in the Arab region and promote international relationships. No wonder, you can find now, Arabic speakers being hired by top corporate houses to get an edge over their rivals.

  • Online Arabic classes

Online Arabic classes are becoming immensely popular nowadays. There are numerous education service providers are in the fray.

They offer varieties of online Arabic classes for different levels with flexible timing and course modules.

There are many advantages to learning Arabic online that are discussed below.

  • Duration of online Arabic courses

The duration varies as per the level of the course. It also differs from platform to platform. Usually, it takes four/six weeks to complete an intensive course with twenty hours per week.

AA semester course lasts for sixteen to eighteen weeks with five hours per week of classes. 

  • How do online Arabic classes?

Learning Arabic might seem a little complicated initially but once you dive into it you will start to enjoy it. The steps are delineated below. Each step is important and has its own significance. 

  • Finalize your course

There are three main types of Arabic namely Classical, Modern Standard, and Dialectical (Colloquial).

So firstly, you should finalize which course would be ideal for your purpose of learning.

There are six levels of learning Arabic. These are Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate Advanced, and Proficient.

There are other tailor-made courses available like 3 / 4-week crash courses, courses only on Quran, Arabic courses for traveling, Arabic courses for business, etc. 

  • Finalize the online platform

A number of online platforms offer Arabic courses. There are so many of them that you would be most probably a victim of “the problem of plenty”.

It would help if you were very careful in finalizing the institute. Make research, consult specialists, check their credibility, know their past records, and understand their courses and other aspects concerned.

Some platforms may lure you with their advertisement and PR exercises. Be grounded and suspicious, for good reason. Never get away with claims of learning Arabic in one hour or one week.

  • Enroll in a course

Now, it’s time to enroll in the chosen course. This is a pretty simple step that could be done on your computer or Smartphone. There would be a short FORM that you need to fill up with basic personal information.

Then you have to pay the course fee. The course fee can vary as per the online platform you’ve selected and the level of your course.

  • Schedule your time for the classes

You can now schedule the course as per your suitable time availability. It is advisable to schedule in such a way that you won’t have to change it again. Many courses are self-paced with flexible timing. So it won’t affect your usual activity whether you are in a college/ university or working somewhere.

  • Interact with your instructor

Knowing your teacher/ instructor is very vital as it affects your learning process. On the other hand, your teacher should also know you and understand you. In this stage, you ought to build a good rapport with your teacher. This would bring enormous benefits when you encounter a foreign language.  

  • Start learning

The real work starts from here onwards…yes…learning. Ensure that you attend the classes as per the schedule and complete the entire course syllabus. When you are learning, be interactive with your teacher to clear doubt and learn more. You may supplement your learning process by watching Arabic TV programs, browsing through Arabic websites, and reading Arabic newspapers & magazines.

  • Get Certified

Most o the online platforms that offer Arabic courses provide a certificate on the completion of the course. The certification would be a plus for you irrespective of whether you are a student, a prospective candidate for a new job, or working already in a company. If you are simply learning the language for a hobby, travel, or just learning for the sake of it, then also your certificate would be a proud intellectual asset.

  • Advantages of online Arabic classes

There are a number of advantages when you learn Arabic through online classes. The plus points are:

  • Highly flexible: Schedule as per your wish

Unlike in a traditional classroom setting these online courses are presented as per your time availability in a day or a week. Many service providers are operating and offering 24/7 classes.

You can easily schedule your timing as per your other professional and personal engagements. Many courses are self-paced which means you can complete the course as per your speed of learning. 

  • Affordable for all

Online Arabic classes will have less burden n your wallet. The cost was reduced on different aspects like communing, classroom expenses, utility bills, etc.

  • Enhanced  Instructor – Student interaction experience

Through online classes, you have the opportunity to interact with your teacher in a better way than with traditional classroom teaching.

Some platforms would allow you to interact with your teacher one-to-one.

This makes the learning process more effective, entertaining, and enjoyable.

  • Cozy and cool way to learn

You can take online Arabic classes from the comfort of your home. It’s time to put an end to wearing formal dresses or carrying loads of books, copies, and laptops. There are online platforms that offer the course through iPhone or Android app, 

If you are ready to start learning Arabic, start your free evaluation 

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